Monday, May 14, 2007

a start on 200

Jonathan made his 100th post sometime in the last week or so. He decided to write 100 things about himself and said I should do the same. I checked and I'm at 194 so now I need 200 things. No one wants to read that all in one go and many may not want to read it in a series of go's. We'll just start and see where it takes us.

1. I love taking pictures. I'm not great at it but I love to take them. Only magnified by the fact that I don't have to commit money to printing them, oh, I do love a digital camera. Sadly i haven't felt inspired to take as many pics of late.

2. I've just finished watching "The Return of the King" the other evening. The end of the movie makes me smile till my face hurts.

3. I'm discovering how much I like tempeh. Tofu, not so much, but tempeh has a nutty taste and I find it quite nice. Today I was at the neighborhood meeting and she served these fried tempeh crisps. Salty, nutty, crunchy; just lovely. She sent us home with a bag.

4. Last weekend @ and I made a picture out of tissue paper and glue. We hung it in his room yesterday and it bring so much needed color to our house. Our house is very tan and yellow.

5. I'm hoping that the paint starts chipping off the walls soon so that we have to repaint. The owners scraped/ repainted in the wet season to clear to mold which was nice but paint doesn't stick in 100% humidity. You can see where the cracks will be starting. My guess is I'll be grumpy when it is chipping and people come to paint, but I get to pick the color.

6. For mother's day and Jonathan and I watched "The Last King of Scotland". Nothing like a movie about a homicidal mad man to say Happy Mother's Day.

7. Presently some of my closest friends are Australians. I found out daily how very little I know about Australia and I'm learning to speak it. Fortunately they are kind and forgiving spirits.

8. I'm excited to no end about learning language. I judge everything on what I call the "Ab scale", which essentially measures my ability to share in a mother tongue with someone and how much more quickly things can be accomplished because of that ability. My girlfriend Ab in africa taught me a lot of my language there. Had I been able to talk with her more fluently our relationship might have developed more. Not that I regret the relationship I have with her, I just wish I could have had more. Toward the end of my time there are relationship grew by leaps and bounds and I really felt that I knew her. I can't wait to meet another woman like Ab but I'm pretty sure she is a one of a kind.

9. Jonathan and @ are becoming better pals all the time. I'm so thankful he has a dad. Don't let anyone tell you that a dad can be replaced, they just can't.

10. We have a great houseworker at present and she is a special lady. I've struggled with comparing her to W, our house worker in Africa, and the two are just different but equally wonderful and equally what our family needed at just the right time. A good house worker is also irreplaceable. A good one can provide great stability and reassurance in your home.
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