Thursday, May 17, 2007

@ responsibilities

We've been trying to given @ more responsiblities around the house since we moved here. Before his main responsibility was to help clean up his area after meals. The goal was to try to get him to be careful with where the food went and how far of a radius it would get to. It didn't seem to help because he really liked his new responsibility of sweeping and wiping.

Now that we are settled into something of a routine again we've been giving him more jobs. The jobs he has:

1. Set the table with plates and silverware (except knives). We have melamine dishes so they are just loud when they hit the ground, they don't break. He likes to make sure that everyone gets "one, simply one, one of each" which is also a book that we read him.

2. Put his dirty clothes in the hamper. Normally we have to remind him to actually get them in the hamper.

3. Put his toys away.

4. Help clean up at bath time. Bringing in the bathtub from the porch, putting the toys in the water and cleaning up the floor after (our bathrooms have drains).

5. Clean up his potty chairs and the floor around them.

6. Bring in his laundry hamper when mommy is washing clothes. Ibu does most of the clothes washing and so often she snatches things away when no one is looking. She's very much a not seen and not heard housekeeper.

7. Take his shoes off at the door and put them on the shoe rack.

I think that is pretty much it. He's 2 1/2 and I'm trying to think of more things he can do and be successful. I try to be careful and give him jobs that he can be proud of at the end and do correctly easily. He really likes his jobs because he knows he's helping our family.
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