Monday, May 28, 2007

goings on

Always get a little bit busy toward the end of a unit. Trying to play catch up with studying and trying to decide what to do over break. For this break we took an overnight trip out of town. Stayed at a hotel with a pool, watched satellite cable (@ could watch the disney channel till the cows come home), shopped at malls and went to a few touristy places. We don't ever live in countries where the touristy places are much to look at. This was a palace from a sell out kingdom. they had lots of china and crystal from european countries that really bought their subservience. So the prince lives in the capitol city, almost never comes to his palace unless there is a dinner party of at least 3o paying 30$USD a head. Pretty sad. So it was hot and not really much to see. No cool or funny stories, just a forgotten backwater palace from what was probably once a great civilization. Still we had a good time relaxing at the pool and having good eats.

This week:
1. Did 2 hours of homework and only finished half. I hate starting units, adjusting to new work loads.

2. Over break we got library cards at the international school. @ can check out new kids books. YaY!

3. I read a book. I don't often read anymore because it becomes a problem when I do. I like to read, I read to the point of ignoring all else. People don't get their dinner, people don't get baths, meetings get cancelled, I forget to go to bed, homework doesn't get done, bills don't get paid; until I'm finished then I have a ton to do. Its a problem. So I try not to read unless I have a wide open window. I also get way addicted to series of books. I'm never starting another series unless its already finished when I start. I've had problems with Harry Potter, A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Mitford series (I know, surprised me too), The First Woman's Detective Agency (?). I get started and read them all and then have to wait for the books to come out, I hate that.

4. This weekend I reread "Out to Canaan" a nice Mitford book and then yesterday I picked up "A new Song" another mitford book. They make me happy and there are never any real crisis, just folks.

5. I saw the trailer to the Harry Potter movie coming in July. Don't know how we'er going to see it but it may involve leaving the country and selling my child for a few hours while I'm at the movies (not really). And then finally the 7th book will come and I'm telling you if that woman doesn't finish this series I don't know what I'm going to do. I have a suspicion that JK Rowling has a plan in her back pocket to not finish with 7, to somehow make a need for more books thus more revenue. I understand, I'd want to keep milking it for all it worth but she needs to consider the poor Obsessive reader that has control problems. I can't keep this up forever. I have grey hair. Anyway, we'll see.
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