Wednesday, June 27, 2007

been too long

Our neighbors moved the end of the month which means we were left with dial up. The dial up is fine but the telekom charges an enormous price for the call, so we've been sticking to the bare necessities of checking email and reading the news. Thinking of checking into the wireless the neighbors had been using, can't be more expensive than our phone bill.

@ becomes a boy more all the time. He says clever things, he is innovative and imaginative. Like to see him that way. "Wait a minute, @ has an idea." Which normally is followed by "when @ is a daddy, when @ is a mommy, when @ is a birdie..." Not sure what he could grow up and be yet?

At a hotel in the southern city. Its school holiday for us and for the rest of the country. Going to go see a palace and the arts festival. Jonathan is on the prowl for more english books. I'm on the lookout for a good paring knife and a wall clock that will work for more than 10 minutes. Actually 2 would be nice.

Lots of scattered thoughts of late:
- @ Veggie tales movies may not be as wonderful as we thought. He picks up more and more on the fight parts. True with all shows an so we are becoming more thoughtful.

- Very watchful of evrything I say to @ these days. "Oh Darn" and "Crap" coming from your 2 yr. old makes you want to crawl into a small ball.

- Wondering if I'm slowing down on the curve of learning language. So many words are floating around in my head and the words for to, head, and coconut are the same but for one letter, sigh...

- Wanting to know more history because it somehow makes me feel more connected with in the land and the people. Been learning a lot of history through songs. Songs about land and water and the people working together.

- Enjoying good coffee this morning and belgian waffles!!
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