Thursday, June 14, 2007


So after sharing my story of loss with some friends here it sounds like they were all unsurprised and that it has happened to literally everyone. Sigh... our friends in Nairobi would say the same thing but I have never wanted to live in Nairobi. I replaced my wallet yesterday and actually spent only about 2 USD but this one is cheap vinyl and has Minnie Mouse on it. Its the wallet I would have bought for my nieces, but the one that all women seem to carry here. So funny I had a choice between Minnie Mouse, Snoopy, and Hello Kitty. I chose Minne because of the layout of the wallet but really wanted Snoopy. Tomorrow we'll replace the mobile phone. I'm lobbying for a much cheaper one as it sounds like it will be a miracle if at some point it doesn't get stolen also. I'm not really into giving away expensive mobiles.

Yesterday I also got @ report card. Yep, report cards for 2 -3 yr. olds. More progress report, which given @ flexible living situation I'm really thankful for. I've been keeping an eye on his progress and adjustment what with 3 moves in a year. He's fine, they want him to do more pencil work and scissor work. He isn't much into sitting to write or color and I've not handed him scissors really yet. I say he isn't yet 3 (still has about 2 months) so he's fine. He knows his colors, numbers and we're getting there on the alphabet. He is well socialized, understands what it means to be a good friends, tries to listen (as well as a 2 yr. old boy can); he's fine. The teachers I think want me to be concerned about the writing and the cutting but I blew them off. Don't you hate parents like that?
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