Friday, June 08, 2007

Right Now

The rehearsals for @ program are both funny and tragic but their will be sometime to talk about that another time. At the moment we've had a lot going on and thought I would summarize some of those situations.

-- I got home at 4:30 desperately needing a shower ( got dressed at like 5:30 and its seriously hot). Sadly, there is no water, except what we have in our reserves which fter a day of Ibu's hard core cleaning isn't much. This launches us into what I believe is now a 2 hr. conversation about how to hook up a new water tank. That sounds easy but Jonathan's a master of ARTS and I'm a master of nothing. Granted Jonathan's clever, I think he could do this in the US where you can typically kind of predict what's going to come up and you can read everything but here we can do neither. Sigh. So we've talked through volume of cylinders, centimeter and inch conversion, possible locations and connections to proposed new tank, and flow to and from. Only to decide in the end that we're leaving this house in a year and captial improvements aren't staying here, they are moving with us, which means they need to be easy to take out. So all of that afore mentioned information, we don't really need.

-- @ has 2 new train pieces which need our attention because of their many wonders and powers.

-- Throughout water conversation @ continues to tell us "Don't worry mommy". Sigh...

-- Realize the time and am thankful for pizza delivery!

-- Jonathan goes out to check to see if city water is flowing yet, @ joins him and jonathan teaches @ about the southern cross. @ runs inside to pull me out to see it. I don't know that I've ever really seen the southern cross so I'm pretty happy. All thanks to my two men.
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