Wednesday, June 06, 2007

on waiting for the bus

This has accidentally turned into a crazy week. I didn't realize that @'s school would be going on vacation after this week and so this is his last week of school until July 16. Here and we were just getting into routine. The stink really is that you would think a playgroup for 2 and 3 yr. olds could be spared the end of school crazies but apparently not. The last day of class was yesterday, Wednesday. But they are having a farewell party on Saturday night (for a month long holiday we're having a farewell party, these kids are going to be that different?). So the Farewell Party warrants two days of rehearsals on Thursday and Friday. Fine, the bus will come to fetch us. But Thursday rehearsal is from 8-10 and Fridays (wait for it) is from 7-9. That's right kids I'm dragging a 2 yr. old to a 7 a.m. rehearsal for a show I think he is supposed to dance in (something about dancing with stars, no kidding).

Now I thought it was universal teacher wisdom that you keep practices at the same time everyday if possible so the parents stand a chance of getting the kids to school at the right time. Apparently they didn't give that drop of wisdom to the preschool teachers. Probably because who would have thought they would be planning a 7 a.m. rehearsal for 2 yr. olds. Sigh...

So that is my week, sitting waiting outside @ classroom door while he dances with stars and I do homework. Only thing is I'm not sure I even have that much homework to go around.
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