Monday, June 11, 2007

what I lost

Had a really successful morning going to the pharmacy and ordering Jonathan's inhalers. Figured out the bus route. Feeling really good about the experience until I realized that I didn't have my purse. Spent the afternoon talking to nearly every bus driver in town and found the driver of the bus where I'm nearly certain I left it. He said he doesn't have it, 2 men got on the bus after me, maybe they took it. Sigh...

Jonathan said maybe it would help me process if I made a list of what I lost. Somehow I'm doubtful but maybe.

- Cash (more than I want to loose but less than most locals suspected)
- mobile phone, and that is where the hardship is, not top of the line, not the cheapest; but the most common way to communicate in this country.
- my language notebook and my thoughts notebook, I had some good thoughts in there.
- my VFD eye pen- came free with Book 13 of A series of unfortunate events
- lactaids, tylenol, chapstik
- hankerchief- i think it needed washing though
- hand sanitizer in a really cool clip pouch
- Ironically no keys, I don't carry keys anymore. We only lock the house when our houseworker isn't here and Jonathan carries them then.
- copies of our passports and visas, which I have been told are unimportant
- @ child ID card
- blood drive cards
- Insurance Card (stink, I just remembered that, probably not a big deal since we are outside the US and it doesn't have vital info on it)
- my wallet (bought after christmas for $1.98)
- my purse (bought some years ago in South Africa- sigh)

So that's it really, I think some of @ baby passport pics which I always thought were too cute. Less than some, more than others.

Did this help? Maybe a little but I'm giving the therapy points to the 3 oreos and milk.
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