Wednesday, July 11, 2007

another road block

I'm supposed to be writing my homework essay just now and preparing a 10 minute presentation but at the moment I've hit yet another road block.

A summary of the last week or so seems to be in order:

- I had a bad examination for the end of last unit. My hardest teacher and the headmaster. Both nice guys but it was a bad language day and a case of the nerves just didn't help matters. I passed but that has more to do with grace than my ability.

- I was prepared for having class by myself. I didn't know that the 3 students from the morning were switching to the afternoon. The blessing is I couldn't have handled a daily presentation. The problem is that these 3 students have something of routine together and I'm not part of it. Also the partner I have is the most advanced student that the language school has ever seen. Not cool. Major blow to my language confidence. Left reeling.

- Have I mentioned the presentations and the essay. 3 essays a week, 1 grammar topic, 5 new verbs and their conjugations with sentences , 1 test- EVERY WEEK.

- I still have a husband and child that might like my attention. Using his child radar, @ is experiencing a week of blissful days. No fusses all week! Obedience and listening. So blessed!!

- My neighbors have never stepped out of their region of the country. My essay for tomorrow is "how do people in different areas of the country address one another?" Please write and essay and prepare for a 10 -15 minute presentation.

- On my way out to talk to the neighbor's tonight, @ needed to potty, couldn't find his shoes and then needed his ball.

- We have to leave the country in a month. Great, no problem. We're ready, except for the fact that there is no room in the inn. Looks like going between 2 hotels over the course of 5 days. But that is after 4 days of internet and phone calls.

- Oh and my hair is falling out by the handfulls. Think that the locks of love people may not get my hair after all.

I have other frustrations from this week but they are off the topic. Some observations about the Berenstein Bears, thoughts on travel and why we do it, but those are for another day. When I don't need to dream up something to say for 10 minutes in another language. Is this a skill I should learn? Making it up as I go along in another language?
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