Friday, July 13, 2007

troubles with verizon

Maybe I was a little hysterical about the work load. The first week I get a little hysterical. My presentation went ok, it was short but that isn't a big deal. 10 minutes is something to shoot for with my teachers not necessarily a rule, which I kind of knew but sometimes I loose perspective the first week. I did work about 3 1/2 to 4 hours on homework for Thursday's class. Not real cool. But the presentation was ok and they gave me good marks on my structure, lower marks on pronunciation but still ok. I do have a test today, a written one, so that will be curious.

Today's gripe (hopefully we don't start having daily gripes) is with Verizon. I try not to call out the people who aren't doing a good job but this is one of the few times. We left the US in March. We cancelled our service and faxed them a letter explaining we were moving for our job, just as the man at "Customer Service" told us to do. We talked with them on the phone and made sure they had recieved the fax. They said that it would get processed no problem. Good deal.

My mother in law (who is one of the kinder people on the planet and doesn't have a temper too loose) has been getting bills. The last one was a huge amount of money so she called to see what was going on, the service was cancelled. Apparently they were not very nice to her and no they still haven't cancelled our service. They need a fax...

So Jonathan takes over. Verizon doesn't have an international dialing number and their "customer service" closes at 6 p.m. We'll be phoning them again, internationally, using the world's worst connection, later tonight.

Verizon, you're being called out. Best make nice because you shouldn't be mean to nice people.

I'll let you know how this one turns out. If we can't say anything nice about it, if you have verizon service you may have signed a "death do us part" contract.

Little Edit: We did get it straightened out with Verizon. Apparently they had called some number and left a mysterious message that our fax regarding moving for our job wasn't good enough. They never heard back but it sounds like the message may have been a little on the cryptic side. Anyway, yeah, they had everything in the file but because the bill kept getting paid I guess they were satisfied that we were only joking about wanting to cancel the service. The woman jonathan talked to (when we finally got a person- nearly impossible) was very kind and polite. So Verizon was called out and they made amends. Checks in the mail they say... we'll see.
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