Friday, July 27, 2007

every 6 months

Something that didn't do my mothering heart so good the other day was @ packing his "guys". @ has a group of stuffed animals that need to be in or around the vicinity of his bed for sleep. Some are rated higher than others. But when we go somewhere the first stringer will come with us. So the other day, @ took all of his guys into our room and put them on the rubbermaid I use for a nightstand/ storage. I asked him to take them bck to his bed, they don't belong in mom & dad's room (trying to get him to leave things where they belong too). He said "No, I have to pack them." Which is cute except for the realization that in fact every 6 months of his soon to be 3 yrs we've packed and moved. Well there was a stretch in Africa of about 13 months, but that ended with us selling most of his possessions and moving him 3 times in 3 months.

I'm guessing though this came out of his excitment to go to Singapore in a few weeks. We've been trying to get him ready for another flight and another trip out. Not a huge deal, actually it might be more pleasure than work. We have to get new visas and while we're there we'll make a run to get @ more pages for his passport. But because of flight schedules I think we end up being there 5 days, including a saturday/ sunday. Which is great because we'll do some vacationy things too. Everyone says the zoo is the place to be. We'll also be checking out a couple of boarding houses trying to find a cheaper alternative for the next trip out. Seriously, sing. is great and not terribly expensive until you have to overnight. Then the hotel rooms kill you. They have some hostels which we may look into when @ is older, but right now dormitories are just not a good idea.

So yeah, its been 6 months. And yes we will pack again. But really, its just a short trip, we'll be coming back here after a week. Promise!
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