Monday, July 23, 2007

a version of a harry potter spoiler

Seriously I haven't finished yet, I'm on page 475 and its getting ready for the climax I think. But I'm pretty sure if they made a brit version this time I've got it. Its in english so I'm thankful. But the British version of english sometimes trips me up. I'm fine with the "ou"s for "o" kind of thing, I don't notice that. But the word "gaol", I always have to stop and try to figure out what that is. its a "jail" for those of you unfamiliar. Bother!

But something I'm happy about, the front cover of the book finally looks like a grown up book that you shouldn't let your kid read willy nilly. Harry Potter is fine to let some kids of some ages read but if you have a 10 year old reading this book, you need to think about your what's going on in your head. They're scary. They're are a handfull of chapters in each book that are a little light and feel goody but the underlying premisis here is that this kid is being stopped by a crazy evil magical (which only makes it worse) psycho. You think regular old people have thought up some evil ways to kill people, magical ones are a bit more scary I think. The first 6 books have covers for 10 year olds but by time you get half way in the underlying idea is back and the Evil is thick. And I promise your 10 year old is having wicked dreams that don't reflect the cover art. So here is to truth in illustrating!

And that is probably as good of a spoiler as I'll give you Karen:)
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