Thursday, August 30, 2007

about handling eels

I got a little bit caught up in the facebook this week and haven't made the priority of getting the post up about last friday. I'll try to get pictures of the blessed event up soon over at Not as Daily.

Last friday our language school celebrated the country's independence day. It was a week late but the priority is always given first to participating in neighborhood events, which are the traditional way to celebrate the holiday. Our neighborhood is a bit of dud and we had a little picnic but it was only the minimal participation.

Anyway the school's aim was to do the occassion up right. Flag waving, games for everybody, talent shows the whole thing. One of the students does a little magic and by magic I mean magic for 3 yr olds because everyone over three saw through him. Still he's a funny guy and gave it a good go. Another student used to juggle, the last time she had juggled was something like 5 yrs ago and she practiced the night before. Still she had the stuff and was very impressive. She must have been terrific when she was juggling regularly and she still had a hilarious routine. Then they brought out the games. Eat the cracker off the string over your head without hands, a very traditional game. But it was nice because they had a round for the kids and then the men and the women. Then there was blindfolded pop the water bag on a string. Kids and Dad with sticks swatting at a waterbag hanging over head, blindfolded. Definitely not ZAA but really fun. Then we went up for what I thought were the awards but they had one more relay up their string. They had a bucket full of baby eels and at the other end of the field were empty water bottles (they had a little water). Teams of three had to take the eel from its bucket home and carry it relay fashion and get it into the water bottle. The catching wasn't terribly easy but there were lots and so that helped. Carrying it was easy. The forcing its little wiggly slippery body into the water bottle, impossible. If you drop the silly thing, they are nearly impossible to catch. But forcing its unwilling uncertain body into a little water bottle hole... needless to say I got the short end of the stick and I think I managed three of them. But let's all remember that i have texture issues and so handling the thing sent me over the edge. I'm fine with lots of other things, snakes even. But eels have always given me the willies. They are slippery and very muscular. IGG. My team did not win this event and I think they were understanding.

Nice time with people we go to school with, Jonathan more than me. The morning sections are a really big bunch and they visit alot. The afternoon is much smaller (5 of us at the moment) and rather transient. I like this for studying but consequently I don't know anyone, whereas Jonathan knows everyone. @ had a ball. Loads of kids to run and chase. He was given permission to stand and eat a huge salty cracker. But mostly the running and chasing. Everyone came home happy and tired, a success on all counts.
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