Thursday, August 30, 2007

where i blog

Just Pete and NASA Janet are newly returned from Hawaii (returned to mainland US, from not mainland US), note they didn't come to real tropical islands. They sent a link to pictures of them enjoying Hawaii through a Facebook account. Somehow in the course of me wanting to see these pictures, I now have a Facebook account. I'm still trying to figure out the whole thing. With a connection speed of 31.1 I may get it figured sometime in 2012. Its already kind of nifty, all of these people that may not really remember who I am (I've already missidentified one person, (sorry Alena) but it's kind of nice to know they are alive and by and large doing ok in life. The problem for me is that I'm now trying to keep up with different sites. As you may have noticed, I only manage making the digs here at curiousaside only so-so in the 3 years I've had it. Not as Daily shouldn't be allowed to have the word "Daily" in its title as weekly is hopeful. But the facebook I fear is really going to be the abandoned child of the blog family. So if you are stopping in here from Facebook, bookmark this one. I'll do my best with the facebook and I still love my little fledgling "Not as Daily" but "curiousaside" is where my roots lie and my creativity boileth over (or didn't you already notice?).
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