Tuesday, August 21, 2007

about @'s school birthday party

Something I wrote before the party yesterday.

I'm sure in the US all parents are a little nervous the first time their kid has a birthday party at school. I think my fears are compounded by the fact that @'s first school birhtday party involves 2 caterers hired through a language I've got 6 months experience with. I'm pretty sure the food vendor will come through but not entirely. I should have gotten more of a name and number.
Certainly my fears are compounded by being the odd duck at the school and that I'm learning culture. I fret sometimes about messing up relationships for @ because his parents are always tripping over culture.
I have done one thing right. The gift bags are awesome- maybe a little too awesome. Spiderman backpaks for the boys and Pooh for the girls. Pack backs loaded with:
- Chocolate milk
- jello packets
- chewy candy
- vanilla wafers (milk biscuits)
- cup of water
13 backpacks. Tupperware cups for the teachers . Tupperware is awesome. Put the lid on the cup of water, toss it across the room, no problem. The cups are stuffed with drink packets and candy. Completely awesome.

Update on that writing. In fact the food vendor had forgotten. He said he hadn't forgotten, that he had written down the wrong day but mostly he had forgotten. Fortunately it was on toward lunch time and so their was food prepped it just needed to go into boxes. You can whip together 18 boxes pretty quick if you have the food made. Fried chicken and rice with a banana. I got back to @'s school right as they were beginning the party.

The party came out terrific. The bags were a huge hit, as were the food boxes and tupperware for the teachers. We cut into the cake last night and it has a mocha flavor to it, which I found nice. Jonathan and @ thought the icing was great. The major problem is really the fact that we have NO SPACE whatsoever in our fridge for the thing. I think the plan is to eat cake for 3 meals a day until it is gone. We'll let you know when we come out of our sugar coma.
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