Friday, August 24, 2007

a little help

2 things I'm needing a little help with. We've been talking in language this week about the responsibilities kids have around the house to help parents. Kids here aren't expected to do much honestly. What do you expect your kids to do around the house to help? What do they do when they get home from school? What age did you expect the kids to help out?

Second, does anybody have the ability to somehow record the Oprah show onto a DVD and send it to me? My sister is a Hurricane Katrina survivor. She and her husband are going to be on the show remembering the 2 yr. anniversary. Not sure yet if they are going to be on the show or just in the audience but they've been interviewed by the show's coordinators. We don't have a tv and I don't know that Oprah is on the air here. I'd really love to see the program. Jenn and Will have been working super hard to help New Orleans get back on her feet and it some ways its a real uphill battle. So much depends on tourism and the need is huge. They have been very fortunate in a lot of ways but its been hard. So if anyway knows of a way to put Oprah on dvd, I'd really appreciate it.
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