Sunday, September 16, 2007

progress report

A little update on what I have managed to get done this break.

- printed 9 pages of pictures and cropped them
- made dessert for the church potluck, applesauce bread pudding, which was devoured.
- updated financials
- uploaded new music and downloaded all the updates (free internet at the hotel!)
- uploaded a few pics to the blog
- uploaded loads of pics to the snapfish and sent them to the family.
- ton of grocery shopping, book shopping was a flop
- took @ swimming
- reviewed texts for the next unit
- washed and dried 3 loads of laundry
- cold press coffee maker constructed and have enjoyed a full batch of cold coffee, making more tomorrow
- ordered christmas cards from a friend who is training women to make stationary from recycled fibers, very fair trade, very cool
- sat back and watched some movies with Jonathan
- had a pedicure (YAY!)
- read 20 pages or so of a book for fun
- scrapbooked 2 pages and then ran out of glue tape in the Scotch ATG
- made a not as complicated indian dish

yeah that is about it
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