Sunday, September 09, 2007

We have a few days off after every unit of language. The idea is to give the head a little rest to catch up and let the language we have sink in and fall into use. During our breaks its like a mini school break when you were a kid, five million great plans that you want to accomplish. Problem is that instead of having 2 months we have 5 days. Inevitably I have a million great plans but only get to about 2 of them. The list for this unit:

- take a few days of vacation in 1 city
- go with Jonathan to look for jobs in the city on ocean where we are moving (this is non-negotiable and must be done)
- sleep in
- make big complicated Indian meals
- explore the market, buy some fruit I've never had before (there is lots of that here)
- post pictures
- find a few books in the local language online
- catch up on financials
- catch up on the inventory
- visit with friends at the new church we're going to
- make a cold brew coffee system (my friend jake makes his own shoes, I want to make my own coffee brewer)
- scrapbook the first 6 months of our time here (yeah, pathetic for someone who believes themselves to be "avid")
- print pics for said scrapbook project (to my credit, @'s mini book is way up to date)
- start calendars for christmas gifts, more picture printing
- begin making christmas cards
- watercolor (something I have found I really enjoy)
- finish reading the book of John in the local language (i'm on chapter 7 or 8)
- review the material for the next unit

That should about do it. I have 5 days off. How do you think the list is going to work out?
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