Friday, October 26, 2007

A Shout Out for my mom

Many of you probably remember my mom if you went to school with me ever. Some of you have been to her house. Alot of you she still asks about and is always interested in how you are. I like my mom alot. She's worked hard and she's taught my sister and I alot through the years just through watching the way she lives her life. I wrote a paper about her once for an English class I took on faith and perserverance. You had to write about someone who had struggled through something in their life and how their faith helped them to persevere. Sounded like my mom. As a single mom she raised two kids and went back to school for her master's degree. She had help from her mom and sisters and a whole series of churches that knew what it meant to care for people. Some serious caring going on here.

I could write a lot about the things she's done, the work she does, and the support she gives us and so many others until we all sit around and cry about what a great lady she is but that isn't really the point. What we are calling out my mom for today is the fact that in just about 20 years time she has completely paid off her own house! Lock, stock and barrel. Free and clear. No more house payments for this lady. She's worked alot and hard. But she's debt free! She's 50 something (I know but she wouldn't like me telling you), healthy, has a good job that she likes most everyday, and she's debt free! Tell me if that isn't living the dream. Its not a glamour house and it won't be on "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" but its comfortable and exactly what she needs. Is this not a lady to watch and try to be like? I think so.

Now because she's living the dream she's coming to visit us this summer. She didn't really leave the US until a few years ago and then she went to Africa. Now she'll try another continent. But she will confess that the grandson has made her braver. Actually the need to SEE the grandson has made her braver.

Feel free to offer my mom your congratulations (or in the case of Jenn & Jake, feel free to stop by and have your picture taken). Truly she deserves it.

by the way: probably good to just use her first name, there aren't too many with her last name.
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