Sunday, January 06, 2008

So tired

Last night after putting @ to bed for the 4th time, he came into our bedroom and was sick on the floor. So we cleaned him up and no sooner was he put back to bed and the room was clean, he came out and did it again. At which point I started our washing machine and took the 1 hour it takes to wash clothes. I sat down on the bed and no sooner did I lay my head down than @ came out to be sick again. That time I finally got the message and set up the extra cot on his floor for the night. That 3 inch foam mat is every bit as comfortable as it sounds. And @ talks in his sleep (this has always been a problem, even since his birth) which resulted in countless times of me sitting bolt upright to check on him only to find that he was happily sleeping. Then after the morning call to prayer, somehow my foam mat looked good to him so he came down to the floor to sleep with me. Now of course he is up with a vengenance, ready to attack his day, but only after he gets some pancakes. He thinks that pancakes are the answer to a previously sick stomach.
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