Monday, January 07, 2008

@'s report book

I got @'s report book from school today. At the end of every term they are supposed to have a parent teacher conference and they give back all of his art projects from the term and his report book. Last semester they were really good about writing a weekly comment as well as marking @'s progress in logical thinking, art, character building, listening etc. They didn't make the weekly comments this term but his comment at the end of the term was very revealing as to exactly which parent he is falling into the footsteps of. My mom will especially appreciate this because I know she had to have read the same thing on all of my report cards.

"This term @ can maintain his academic scores. He can understand and memorize the material given. However, @ likes to play a lot with his friends and when the teacher remind him to pay attention, he often ignores."

Yeah, that was me in preschool and elementary. Smart enough, just not so much into attending to school work.
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