Thursday, March 13, 2008

no more requests

So when we first moved in I kind of began thinking that we needed a little electric water heater. They have these small shoebox size water heaters that kind of heat as you need it instead of heating a big tank of water like the one's in the states. People don't really have water heaters here on account of it being expensive, a huge energy suck and if you have running water in your house well maybe you don't have a shower. I didn't care about havin one in the kitchen, I just heat a pot for a sink of dishes. But for the shower, well the water collection tank is in the ground and it gets a little cold before its piped into the house for the morning and evening shower. Its ok at high noon because the sun warms the pipes but I wasn't making time for showering at noon and the days were unusually cool (read 85 is the high). This last week the rains have let up the sun is hot and baking by 7:00 so the water pipes are getting really toasty meaning I have not cold water (its just at the point where you could call room temp). But along with the toasty pipes, I'm pretty toasty too. Last night when I showered at 9p.m. it was still 87 inside our house. that's 3 1/2 hours after sunset! Yuck! I've completely changed how I shower also. I'm much more of a rain forest shower fan that lets the water fall over your head and face. Before I never really liked getting my face wet. Now I'm standing under the cool as long as I can justify just trying to strip off the heat radiating off me.

Today its raining again. Good for the heat. Not so good for Jonathan getting home. Sounds like he's stuck at work but needs to leave soon or else he'll be flooded into the office. Of course if he doesn't leave soon our street could be too flooded for him to get home until the tide goes down. This is the problem with living at sea level.
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