Sunday, March 16, 2008

where to hide the easter eggs?

The grass in the side yard of course. Looks like this week I will be getting 6 trucks of dirt delivered to my house! Why, you ask? To lay grass in the side yard. Later this afternoon I'll post a few pictures of our side yard as it sits at the moment. We had a wall taken out of our kitchen and a window put in. All of that cement and tile rubble got laid in the side yard, to build up the surface and because no one hauls away rubble. Its a disaster area to say the least and its the only outside spot for @ to play. Who wants their kid playing on broken cement and ceramic tile and random pieces of board with random rusty nails? @ doesn't mind but I'm a little nervous about the rusty nail thing. So since we moved we've been talking about what to do with the side yard and the agreement was dirt and grass. Finally we are at that stage! And after that project gets done I think we are going to give the pocket book a rest. Our little personal wallet has been open more than closed lately and its feeling a little lightweight. Fortunately, the US Federal Government will be underwriting the yard. I know they want all of us to spend in tax money in the states but we're not there very often. We should really post a sign thanking them for their help.
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