Thursday, April 03, 2008

weighing the options

So yet again we are not in Singapore getting our visas and for once that isn't a bad thing. Our current visa expires tomorrow, we renewed last week and then got word that it will probably come next week. Meaning the 75$ we were spending for the renewal would be unnecessary. Well it hasn't come through yet to our knowledge which is making me feel smart for having gotten the renewal. So much better than feeling silly for wasting 75$.

This week I went to an education fair for some of the school's in the city. We've been looking at a preschool to put @ into which sounds simple but becomes this whole thing. He needs a school that can do instruction in English but also in Local Language. You would think getting English instruction would be difficult but really its the other way around. Mummy's and Daddy's here want there kids going to English schools that teach exclusively in English. So schools understand how to make money and that is what they offer, english only instruction and sometimes discipline for students caught using local language (this is a growl for another post). Now the quality of that english is questionable but really that isn't a big deal for me, @ gets the quality at home. I just want him to be able to understand the directions and learn while he's getting his legs at the local language. I found an option or two and I think the academics of the thing look ok but still the commitment to it is a big deal for me. I'm not hyper concerned about academics, its not like Jonathan and I are going to check out of parenting soI feel ok about his growth in that area.

Its the initial start of @ adjusting to the kids and the social atmosphere. See, he's stared at alot and he's touched alot. He's 3 1/2 and everyone has to touch him, which makes him shy and want to lash out a little. So that is what I'm concerned about at school for him. When we sat down at each of the school booths, they all needed to touch him, like 6 adult women and not just a few men, all trying to touch his face and hair. This happened at each booth. Then the pictures started. We had our pictures taken I don't know how many times. So I hate sending him into that environment at school. It wears off in time but initially its bad and I feel bad for him.

That's my sigh for the day.
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