Saturday, April 05, 2008

couch church

The days we don't make it to church we have couch church. Today its rain. No one wanted to ride a motorcycle in the rain to church this morning. A lame excuse yes but we try not to ride in the rain and the church has a 5pm service we wanted to try. So this morning we find ourselves at home for couch church. We love couch church. I come up with a lesson for @, something from his Bible or a book we have "Jesus and the 12 Dudes that Did" (a book with a story about each disciple) then one of our favorite Sunday School songs (@ isn't going to learn them otherwise) and some craft or color page from my favorite Sunday School site. After Sunday School, Jonathan and I listen to a sermon on CD. The series we are working on right now is called Everyone Serve One. Love it. And I'm so excited for the church that it came from because even through CD you can sense great things happening.

So if you find yourself snowed into your house (not as likely but I hear the midwest is having a crazy winter) or you can't make it to the church building because of a family reunion or t-ball or something else, get yourself a little couch church time. There's less community but it sure can be fulfilling.
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