Tuesday, May 06, 2008

monster school

Sadly the concern for @'s schooling didn't go away with the weekend. Yesterday it got a whole lot worse in fact. I had a friend who is a principal at the Immersion Elementary go over and check on @ during school. She spied on him a bit and it seems that really my worst fears were confirmed. The teacher really isn't doing a lot to help him make this adjustment, so he really is left in confusion for a good portion of his school day until the teacher comes along and corrects him. The problem is that she expects him to know what's going on, despite the language barrier and being 3 days new. Directions aren't being given. Sigh... So I don't know but am VERY discouraged.

The bright spot seems to be that the kids aren't afraid of him now. That's right, now. It seems his first two day kids burst into tears with the sight of @ and his white skinness. And this is a city of 3.5 million (approx) and kids have been taught by their parents to fear the white people. The white people are mean and take the bad kids. No kidding, this is what kids at young ages are really taught and they have a very real fear. I've heard of this is in villages but I thought surely it wouldn't be a problem in the city. So much for that. Sigh...

Also found out that even if things settle down in the adjustment that @ will probably sink with the next school year. They expect kids (4 y.o.) to be able to write well enough to take dictation. Needless to say, @ isn't going to be there nor is it developmentally appropriate for him to be at that level. Its been suggested that I hire @ a tutor. Yeah, I pulled a little hair out over that.

Beginning to look a lot like homeschooling the early years though. We'll keep him in for the month but after that no promises. Of course I haven't ruled out having a roll on the ground fist fight with the kindergarten teachers yet. I'm pretty sure I could take them.
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