Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Super Duper

Yeah, its a fun title isn't it? But for those of you who have worked in schools, therapy settings or with young kids that need some special help, Super Duper means great fun toys that meet the needs of kids with learning differences. They make clever products that help make a teacher's job downright easy and fun. I've bought there products for years and have never met a kid, regular ed or special ed, that hasn't really enjoyed the time. The flavored tongue depressors are out of this world.

Super Duper now finds themselves in a fight with Mattel over the use of the word "SAY" and "AND SAY" in their products. Mattel says its a trademark infringement on "SEE and SAY" and of course they'd like their money, please. Super Duper does make lots of products with the words "SAY" and "AND SAY" because they are a therapy game company! There initial market was to Speech Language Pathologists who help kids who have problems "SAY"ing things. The larger issue is not Super Duper paying out to Mattel, I'm sure they could probably afford it. The issue really is the right of Mattel to own the word "SAY" and how that effects all other trademarks from all kind of companies.

This is the article link that Super Duper sent out. People should know about this kind of stuff. And if you work with a special needs population or you suspects you have a kid with learning differences, Super Duper really is a great place to do some shopping. It would be great for a homeschooling set too. They are fabulous durable games with a hundred thousand uses and my, oh my, the handout book section is out of this world. Get me a laminator and stand back.

Now we will resume our regularly scheduled program of me grumping about @'s schooling.
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