Friday, May 02, 2008

@'s 1st day - May edition

@ started back into school today after a 4 month break for visas and moving. We now have our final working visa and we felt like that should be in place before @ started school. Fortunately they haven't wanted to see it but considering the trips out to Singapore and our need to be in different offices everyday I'm glad we waited. Never good to be the new wierd looking kid and have a million absences. Didn't think that would help with fitting in. Anyway I have some pictures posted over at Not As Daily . The run of the mill uniform shot and going back into the classroom, meeting classmates, that sort of stuff.

Since returning from Singapore though the world has descended upon us just as we thought it might. Its been all good stuff and stuff that needs to get done but still busyness nonetheless. Need to get ready for some guests just now.
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