Tuesday, April 22, 2008

dropped, lost and cracked

That pretty much sums up our trip out to Singapore. It rained a good bit. We went to the aquarium and I promptly dropped our camera at the beginning and didn't realized that the lens on the front popped out. The zoom is shot without the lens and by time I realized the lens was gone and that was the problem, it had been swept away with the other dirt on the floor. All of this meaning that my camera is fine as long as I don't want to zoom in on anything. So we bought a new camera. At first I didn't really care about it because I really just wanted my old camera back. Then I used the thing for a day and now I love the new Canon Power Shot SX 10.

Later in the trip I scratched my face again and got to looking at my ring. This has been happening ovften over the last several months and it never occured to me that it was more than a scratch in one of my rings. Turns out the engagement ring band is cracked through. Sigh... now how do you get a repair on on engagement ring in the developing world? We checked with jewelers in Singapore and they all said it would be a week. That timeline would have been fine if I had noticed at the beginning of our trip instead of the day before we went home. The good news is our friends here have a couple of friends they would trust with a diamond. So that will be next week's job.

This week has filled up just as we had expected it would. Jonathan's had one unexpected meeting pop up already. We have been told to come to dinner most probably so that they can set a schedule for when I will be teaching them English. They haven't asked that yet, I just know that is what is coming because their other english teacher is leaving. I am doing a conversation lesson every week for the next month for a professor at the Univ. She needs a little freshening up on her english before she goes to another country to teach for a month. Her english is pretty good and I told her I wouldn't be doing a lot of prep work or worksheets. Mostly its whatever she puts into it. I still need to get @ into a school but with workman in the house I can't leave. So that is the week.
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