Monday, June 02, 2008

more decisions to make

You would think that we had gone through the worst of the decision making process just getting @ into school but we are facing another big decision. @ finishes school 12 June and he has a month off before school starts again on 14 July. I know that sounds like it would be easy to know but I need to go through the letter again. The letter is in local language and I gave it a skim yesterday and I think I got it but maybe not. Maybe those words I didn't understand have a lot of meaning that will change what the letter says. This is one of the big hurdles I face with @ in school- a lot of paperwork in local language which when put together has some different meanings. Anyway, we need to decide again where to put @ when school starts again. I think we are going to keep him at the school. He enjoys the interaction. Its 2 hours of a learning environment he needs to get used to. He learns some language. He makes friends. The question is do we move him along with his age group to TK-A where they really start learning things that are not age appropriate, dictation, addition etc. Or do we hold him back, have him restart in the grade he is already in KB. If he stays in KB, he would actually be learning at an age appropriate level but he would be a year older than all the other kids in the class. The the same time though his local language ability would be at there level too. I think we'll go with holding him back. I need to talk with the principal again and see what she thinks. We had talked a few weeks ago about holding him back a year and then jumping him up 2 years. Sounds crazy but I think it may work. Something I'm beginning to understand is that in the US we start kids later doing things but they take off with it faster. Here they start early and the kids move slower. @ is a mix of both because of the home environment he's coming out of . He's actually done quite well catching up to where the other kids are at after a year but he's done it in a month. Oh the many joys of parenting and schooling...
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