Wednesday, June 11, 2008

school's almost out

Yeah, we're still not done with school yet! It is getting close though. Tomorrow @ has the closing program for the school year which I would really rather boycott because of the treacherous driving situation. Alas, I'll go. Friday is report card day which for @ really means mom and dad sit and way for a really long time to go in and talk with the teachers and see what level we should put him at for next year. A little nervous about that one.

My mom comes in 2 weeks so we are getting the house a little more in order. Must do something about our crummy lighting situation. All of the lights in the house are million yr old flourescent tubes, which be fine except for the seizure inducing fashion in which they come on (and the coming on part is a big if these day). Yesterday they all decided to go on the blink (lots of blinking) at the same time and I think it pushed jonathan into agreeing something must be done. Also need to go down to the furniture shop again and remind them that 4 weeks ago they promised us a bookshelf in a week. Hopefully with 2 weeks left maybe they can finish it. Really needing a place to put all of the books. It would help get the mounds off the guest bed that my mom is supposed to sleep on. Surely she wouldn't mind snuggling with 5 or 6 stacks of books...

English student coming in a few minutes. Kind of hoping she would cancel today but normally she calls before 3 if that is the case. Enjoy visiting with her but somedays my sleepy selfishness almost gets the better of me. Should be an interesting discussion today because she's just come back from a conference. She's a professor of geological civil engineering so I always learn a lot from her. Need to think of a new word to introduce her to today. I try to give her a new expression or word every week.
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