Saturday, July 05, 2008


Having guests is great because its an excuse to take off from normal life stuff and just go about like a tourist. We took mom to Furniture City last week and shopped for furniture/ swam in the ocean. I'm not much of a swim in the ocean kind of girl. Its sunny, which I try to avoid, and its salty, which is inevitably in your mouth. I'm more of a sightseer.

Tuesday after Jon finishes giving a final we're going to see some temples. It'll be a long drive but I love car rides. Then we'll take her to the places we've already been a couple of times but that's ok beause its a new person seeing so its new fun thing.

People always think we travel alot, and really we don't. We just move a long way away and then stay there for a while. No travel involved. Now I just have to sit tight for a few days. That's the hard part, when there is a promise of a car ride and I have to wait a few days.
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