Thursday, June 26, 2008

So my mom arrived...

And that would seem like a really good and wonderful thing. She arrived without her bag which sounds worse than it is. We're still of that school of traveller's that takes a carry on bag with stuff just in case you loose your bag. So she has extra clothes and stuff for a day or two and we should have her bag later today or early tomorrow. So it isn't the end of the world.

The problem is that my sister emailed after she arrived to let us know that at some point after she left the house on Monday morning that a plastic seal connected to the toilet in her main bathroom went bad. So when the neighbors got to mom's house Monday evening to check on the cat, the carpet at the front door was squishy. And as the neighbors walked to the back of the house where the bathroom was they started walking through pools of water not quite ankle depth. The immediately turned off the water but quite obviously the damage was done. The carpet in mom's house is soaked- throughout the entire house. Sigh... And this is what my mom woke up to on her first day.

Neighbors called my sister who called Insurance Agent. The the neighbors went through the house, picking stuff up. In fact ( and this is a testament to the best neighbors hands down anywhere on the planet), they called another set of neighbors who are in the house flipping business. Flipping neighbors grabbed the video camera and started going through the house with camera- videoing everything and touching everything looking for all the trouble spots. Then the neighbors went through the file cabinet, pulled out mom's homeowner's insurance and called her agent. So my sister and the neighbors actually have a pretty good handle on the situation. Wednesday they had water extractors out to the house and hopefully the adjuster will be out today and the carpet can come out too. And the neighbors are completely game on moving my mom's house so that nothing gets damaged.
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