Thursday, July 24, 2008

what looks like bullying...

might actually be the "classroom helper" doing his job.

So today I nearly had to meet a 3 yr. old boy in @'s class by the back fence for a smack down because he took @'s seat in class today. The kids are supposed to go into the classroom, find a desk, put their backpack on the back of their chair, and sit down. @ went in and put his backpack at a chair in the back corner of the room at one of the pink desks, I'm sure because its a safe hiding place. Another boy came and took @'s backpack and moved to the front of the room at a blue desk. I watched this from the classroom door and my heart broke for @ who proceeded to crouch behind the chair of the unwanted blue desk. I could see how bewildered and confused and victimized he felt but could do nothing but mention it to the teacher as she was fending off other overreaching mothers/ nannies. The 3 hours @ was in school I felt awful for him and worried for the day he was having. Thursday is alphabet and number day and that's the subject that makes @ feel really inferior so already it wasn't a great day but to be bullied too! So I worked up my nerve to go to the teacher, but fortunately I had another reason also. And the teacher politely and patiently explained that they have a rotation through the desks and that Bully was actually helping @.

I've spent the rest of the day reflecting on how humbling it is to learn language and culture and how that can even apply to the culture of a new school. I wish that there was some way to help @ wrap his brain around all that he has to learn. New school, new language, new kids, new teachers, new rules. Sigh... and I feel of very small use and a very weak parent.
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