Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sidewalks and obesity

I've written a few times about my passion for a nice sidewalk and today I saw this article over at MSNBC. The article "Heavy? Your Neighborhood May be to Blame" caught my eye because it sounded like a cop out to blame something else but it seems research agrees: live in sprawling suburbia= driving everywhere= people who don't walk. Suburbia has sidewalks but they don't go to the drugstore, they don't get you to the bank and they don't get you to work or school (normally, some suburbs are better than others). Live in town, in an old neighborhood, you probably have walking access to the bank, school, work etc, if some city planner didn't give up the sidewalk to widen the road.

So go to your city planner and demand sidewalks that go places. Sidewalks in good repair. Sidewalks that are uncluttered.

This fellow is selling licence plates on the sidewalk. Yeah, its illegal to drive with fake plates but apparently not illegal to sell them. That is how my sidewalk is being used.
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