Sunday, August 17, 2008

before getting dressed

I've found over the years that I am way more productive before I get dressed than after. Today its noon and I'm getting ready now to take a shower and get dressed, I'm still in my pajamas. The thing is that pajamas are work clothes for me. Before getting dressed today, I have:
- washed 3 loads of clothes and hung them outside, brought 1 inside, folded and put away
- painted the living room and washed out all the brushes
- swept the house
- made 2 different kinds of cookies (double batches)
- baked 3 cookie sheets of cookies
- cleaned the kitchen
- washed dishes
- cleared the project table
Now we're going up to lunch and I'll pick up some fruit and eggs from the grocer there. Jonathan did a fine job at the grocery yesterday and only brought home the things on the list- very impressive. I didn't have him get a few things like bananas and eggs because they wouldn't stand a chance on the motorbike coming home. I prefer to buy those from neighborhood grocer anyway.

I'm going to get dressed so I'm pretty sure all progress will stop now.
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