Sunday, August 17, 2008

sending Jonathan to the grocery?

The car we have been borrowing is in the shop for a few days getting its Zeibarting checked up and so we are back to motorbiking exclusively for a few days. This also happens to be Independence day weekend and so taking a taxi around to one of the bigger malls may be more trouble than its worth. Normally I would go to the grocery on the motorbike by myself without a problem but I've bunged up my arm with painting. I don't have the strength left it my arm to maneuver the gas on our bike- its a right handed bike. So we need groceries. I can't drive. Jonathan can't tow three on a bike with groceries. That leaves us with Jonathan going to the store with a list. Sounds easy but really its an uncertainty. Jonathan doesn't do much cooking here do in large part to the lack of convenience foods and no microwave. We could buy a microwave but they take up lots of counterspace, suck loads of electricity and food doesn't taste good out of a microwave. Jonathan also doesn't do much shopping here. Shopping is best done in the middle of the day to avoid crazy crowds and that is normally when he is at work. Shopping is also for obscure ingredients in a foriegn language. In our division of labor, Jonathan has learned all the words for plumbing and all manner of carpentry; I've learned all of the words for food stuffs and cooking. We're both starting to get words in the other group but still for efficiency its better to stick to our individual area.

So we're left with this, Jonathan going to the grocery with an uncertain list. Sigh...
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