Thursday, September 18, 2008

I find it helpful to leave the room

My houseworker is "helping" me at the moment and when I first saw what she was doing it was ok. Taking everything out of the cabinets, cleaning the cabinet shelves, and dusting things off. That sounds good, right? Who wouldn't want someone to do that for them? I'm a lucky girl to have someone who does that every now and again. Problem is that she started putting them back but she didn't put the back where they were. My houseworker is a good lady but she is very low on the logic scale and so when she started shoving everything to the back of the deepest cabinet I said "Oh, no, please." and she knows the word "no" in english so she gave a little chuckle and looked up. I gave her a bit of guidance but as she was pretty well finished with that cabinet I thought I'll go back and fix it later. I do have kind of a place for things so that I know what I have and what I need to buy. The second cabinet I monitored her progress a bit more and she did put things back on the same shelf- so that is a start. I think I got the biggest part of the bugs worked out and she is done with the foodstuffs. She knows where the dishes go and for the most part she gets that right everyday. But I'm pretty sure I know how I'll be spending my afternoon when she leaves.

This is why I have a houseworker-to do odd jobs that need to get done a bit more regularly because we have loads of dust and the worst ant problem in the world. This is also the reason that I have cut back hours on when I have a houseworker- I find that when she doesn't have an immediate fixed set of jobs she starts "being helpful". Idle hands are the devil's playground- the devil being rearranging my stuff!
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