Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sites I'm checking out

Catching up with blogs today and following links (rabbit trails really) but I've found some fun stuff and maybe something you'll enjoy playing with too.

New American Dream- came from Ali Edward's blog. Loads of stuff too look at and help you think about greening your life while saving money. That's nice, right?

Meals Matter- This is great because you've been following my meal plans each week and putting your own together. Meals Matter does that same thing for you in a really high tech super swank kind of way. Meal planning + nutritional guides + recipes links= saving big, healthy diets. This is the place you need to be if you have a computer near your kitchen. I'm going to keep using my notebook but I'll be here to check out recipes.

Lunch in a Box- Everyday you are putting together a lunch for someone to take somewhere. This lady has apparently only thought about that lunch that someone takes somewhere. No kidding. She has the sweetest little box system of lunches you have seen anywhere and she wants to teach you how to do it. And its SO DO-ABLE. Get yourself over to Lunch in a Box before you torture yourself or your loved one with another pbj on soggy white bread. Put down the soggy white bread!

Lock & Lock boxes- chances are you have plenty of plastics in your life- a drawer full of them with miss matched lids and you can't figure it out because you haven't had it that long. Anyway once you get started with your lunch in a box, you may realize you need a box (probably not though, you have that drawer full of plastic). If you need a box, look around for these Lock & Lock boxes. A friend of mine here turned me on to them and they have been perfect for @- he can open them on his own for snack time at school. I bought him Tupperware but he couldn't get it open and his teacher wasn't so good at getting it closed (tupperware has wonderfully tight seals). But the lock & lock box he can do on his own and its seal is tight. I throw the stuff around just for the fun of watching the seal hold.
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