Sunday, November 23, 2008

Feeling Challenged

Spent yesterday feeling sick all day and really did nothing. Today I woke up way late and have slowly gathered steam and energy, but I've been starving all day. Go figure.

For couch Sunday School this morning (something we do regardless of where we go that week) we watched the Compassion video and talked about our child sponsee, we talked about that the lil children and being thankful. Jonathan & I did a little of our own reading while @ watched "Madame Blueberry" and we talked more about thankfulness. We've been doing thanksgiving slowly all month with @ as we had the dinner with friends earlier in the month. Thanksgiving day will be a school day for @ and so we're doing a month instead of a day.

The boys got haircuts and then baths. I made pasta sauce for tomorrow's Veg Lasagna and made @ a quessadilla for lunch. The Veg Enchiladas got a bit crazy spicy the other day and Jonathan and I had to dare each other to finish them. Worked on homework with @.

Now its resting time and I've been flipping through Foodie/Crunchie mom blogs.
Reading about making muffins
Thinking about homeschooling, Exploding the Code and verse memorization.
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