Friday, November 21, 2008

Snapfish Photobooks by O

So most everything Oprah touches turns to some form of gold (at least that spray on kind) and I like half the world logged on to get a part in the free photo book offer from snapfish. I've long been a snapfish customer and this was the perfect way to take care of the grandparents christmas gifts. I logged in before last friday's deadline and then noticed that the people at snapfish were sort of begging people to take the extension. I was happy to wait because when I'm awake, EST is asleep and that is so much the better for me. This evening though I decided to take care of it during @'s resting time- 2 hours should be enough. Its now well after dinner and I've just finished. 6 HOURS PEOPLE! Snapfish had said that they were experiencing long waits in the Help desk and tremendous volume. They weren't lying. I could tell when EST woke up because all of a sudden their server all but died. The worst of it was that I was done with the book I just needed to preview the thing and order it. I gave up on the preview after an hour + and opted for ordering- 99% sure everything was ok. But then the ordering info wouldn't come up. SAVE OFTEN! I ended up going back to the store, then back to my account and projects and was finally able to by pass whatever was killing the preview. Snapfish just gets killed on the content of the book preview so I'd recommend avoiding it. Anyway, as the people at Snapfish expected I went ahead and ordered a second book for the 25% discount. Getting one for free and a discount on the next means 2 happy grandma's with matching @ books. It could be gibberish printed in the captions and the grandma's would still do a happy dance. So thank you Oprah. Thank you Snapfish. And I'm sure my internet provider thanks you too.

And a shout out to Gretchen for the word.
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