Monday, December 01, 2008

meal plan

No pesky turkey leftovers on my menu this week...sigh... just lots of leftover rice from making WAY too much on friday night. Yeah, we've eaten all weekend and you'll still see we have plenty leftover.

Monday noon: Pork Fried Rice
Monday dinner: same
Tuesday noon: Pasta Fagoli Soup
Tuesday dinner: Roasted Pumpkin Salad - the rice quantity pre-empted this last week
Wednesday noon: Ratatouille w/ Rice
wednesday dinner: leftovers
Menu: Delicious Chicken Bits, Lentils, Naan
Menu: Chicken Strips, Mac n Cheese, Brocolli (if I can find some)

For cooking this week:
Monster Cookies- I have a friend going back to the US and these are her favorite cookies. Plus I'm eager to share them with my neighbor.

Roasting whole pumpkin- one of my favorite pasttimes- lots of pumpkin bread in our future.:)

Trying to find the ingredients for Spicy Black Bean Cakes from Tulip Girl's cookbook. Is cornmeal important? couldn't I roll them in bread crumbs? Cornmeal isn't so easy to find here for some crazy reason.
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