Sunday, December 14, 2008

We know we're annoying

but take this food box and its ok, right?"

Since we moved to this house our across the street neighbors have been in the process of remodeling. I thought it was taking a while to finish as we've been here nearly a year (Jan is 1 yr) and they are just now getting to the final finishing touches. Talked to a my neighbor Bu L. and in fact they've been remodeling and lifting the house for over 2 yrs. Judging from some of the materials in their garage they still aren't completely finished. But today finally they had their house blessing. Finally. Culturally you have everyone come over after prayers and they bless your house according to your faith. These neighbors are from a majority faith and so the girls showed up in their best head scarves and the young boys in their nice felt covered black hats and sorongs. Very nice looking. They toured the house a few minutes and then lined up outside to wash before they began the blessing. A little play at the water faucet for a few minutes and then the louder chat of call and response scripture reading began. We were worried when the 3 van loads showed up thinking this could become quite a thing but it wasn't too loud, we could still hear our sunday sermon on ipod. And the van of women and food showed up when they were into prayers about 45 minutes. We went on up the street for lunch and to buy fruit and when we came home the festivities were completed. When the neighbor saw us, he came around with food boxes and we thanked him and congratulated him on finishing. It doesn't sound like they are really done though. It'll be curious to see what tomorrow brings and if the workman return to inch along on more projects. At first I thought the workmen were annoying but they've become good "neighbors". They don't steal, aren't noisy, are respectful and courteous and have more than once helped with language confusion. We've chatted about their work and our work. Over the last few months, when I thought they HAD to be getting close, I realized I'm a little afraid of someone actually living there. I like the workmen. They know not to smoke anywhere near our house and even their noise doesn't bother me much now. But real neighbors will be there more than just 8 to 4, 6 days a week. They might want to LIVE there. Oh, the horror!
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