Monday, December 15, 2008

Meal Plan

Truth of the matter is the wheels on this thing are going to fall off probably by tomorrow morning but here's what I have sketched out in case eating a proper meal is warranted.

Monday noon: leftover Veg curry and naan - thank God we had leftovers
Monday evening: Chicken Cordon Blu (Freezer section), rice, green beans
Menu: Tuna Burgers, Mashed Potatos, Green Beans
Menu: BBQ Chicken sandwich, mashed potato, green beans - this could become BBQ Chicken Pizza with Zuchini Yeast Crust if time allows.
Menu: Chicken Tacos, Homemade Salsa, Beans
Menu: Smothered Pork (pressure cooker 15 min), naan,
Menu: Bacon and Fried Eggs, toast (if I have bread in the house)

I think the neighbors are having more house blessings this week and I suspect that means more food boxes thrown my direction. Depending what's in the food box maybe that's dinner. @'s school has a "thanksgiving feast" of sorts tomorrow which sounds like me being given about 12 different varieties of fried rice and 10 types of snack cakes. I'm also really hoping at some point this week that our anniversary will happen- but that isn't a lock yet.

Food of love:
Granola (didn't get done last week)
Fruit Salad for Breakfasts- strawberries (in season I think), mango, banana and black grapes
Pumpkin bars
couple of different kinds of cookies that have yet to be determined
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