Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Meal Plan

Sorry its been a terribly long while. We haven't really been home as much, I've been making meal plans but mostly they consisted of "eat leftovers".

Monday noon: Chickpea curry and Rice
Monday pm: Chicken Cordon Blue for the boys, panini sandwich for me
Tuesday noon: Beef Stir Fry with Carrots, Broc, Snap Peas, and Rice
Tuesday pm: leftover curry, leftover stir fry, rice
Wednesday noon: Pot Roast, Roasted Roots (sweet potato, potato, onion, carrot)
Menu: Chicken Korma, Naan, Steamed Green Beans
Menu: Chili (if it turns off cool and rainy again)
Menu: Maple Grilled Tempeh, Stir Fried Greens, Rice

Food of Love from the oven:
- roasted Pumpkin

The house will also have a dozen or so recipes of Fried Bananas and Banana stewed in coconut milk & palm sugar. You'll notice I have an indecent number of bananas at the moment. I've given away 12 hands, I have at least 3 left and maybe 4 (they've been cut up at bit for distribution). I need to do some experimenting with them as I'm not entirely sure they are strictly cooking bananas. It maybe that they would be ok for eating if allowed to sit for a day or 2 to ripen up. The only real recipes that use bananas locally involved frying or stewing in sugar and coconut milk- these aren't healthy things to consume in large quantities. I'd need to do a lot more bike riding.
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