Wednesday, April 01, 2009


By his own admission, my friend Jake really only cooks or prepares one thing in the kitchen. He makes a fine cup of coffee too but really for food he has Hummus. Its from Betty Crocker with a little Jake thrown in but we all find it to be quite nice. Hummus is quickly becoming a stable at our house because it involves very little cooking on my part and its like a good for you snack for American Idol night in front of the TV.

Jake Tolbert's Hummus

1/2 cup sesame seeds
1 clove garlic
1 can garbanzo beans (reserve liquid)
3 T lemon juice

other stuff:
cumin, crushed red pepper, Tabasco, celery salt, Worchester sauce,

Pour the sesame seeds and the bean liquid in. Cut the garlic in half and drop in. Blend till (mostly) smooth. Put in the lemon juice, spices. Blend a little, then start dropping in garbanzos. Eventually, you’ll get them all in there. You can put them in all at once if you want, I don’t really think it matters — I like dropping them and it’s easier to control the texture. If it won’t blend, you can add more water or lemon juice.

Our lemons are fresh from the tree so I don't think we use a full 3 T. Jake says salt but I don't think so. I like Jake's recipe because it helped me see around this problem I was having with access to Tahini. I don't have access to Tahini and Jake is too frugal to go buy Tahini (at least that is my guess).

We eat hummus as a meal with hard wheat rolls, carrot sticks and red bell pepper slices. I also throw out an assortment of whatever fruit is in the house.
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