Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the one in which i have to say 3 nice things

Since sometime Sunday I have a rat in my house. Or maybe in and out, we don't know if he's coming and going. But for those who are unaware, I have a thing about rats, a nearly phobic kind of thing. Its kind of all I've thought about since Sunday. We think he got in through an open drain cover in the houseworker's bathroom.
The good news:
- I have a husband who has willing turned over, pulled out, cleared off, all the places I have asked him to.
- My husband bought glue traps. Not enough to cover every foot of the floor like I asked him too but still, he tried.
- I have well made kitchen cabinets out of teak wood that I believe the rat will have a hard time getting into. My very unhelpful husband very foolishly said "Oh, he could get in there." To which I gasped in horror and demanded a retraction.

My houseworker, who left the back drain uncovered (GRRRR), has not been at work in 2 days and today she didn't call to tell me she wasn't coming.
Good news:
- I have a houseworker, which I know is a blessing. I still do housework and all of the cooking but there is a lot to do here so its good to have help.
- My houseworker is trusty and normally very reliable.
- I can rearrange time to get some housework done and I'm not obsessive about everything being super clean.

@ has bronchitis again and he seems to have Jonathan's lungs (not a good thing).
Good news:
- We have money to take the child to the dr and recieve good treatment.
- I don't work outside of the home so when he needs to stay home I don't have to arrange a babysitter and worry about my job.
- The child really has a good disposition even when he's sick. He's yet to cough up a lung but I think its a close call a few times.

I think I got most of the whine out now. I'll let you know. May take sometime to think of three nice things to say though.
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