Thursday, April 23, 2009

medicine jigger

Sometimes @ gets medicine from the dr that needs to be mixed and our dr. normally like to give the powder in individual doses. This leaves me drying to mix powder and water in a small spoon, or mixing it in a larger dish and trying to get all of the actual powder into spoon is hard. So after spilling it and making a complete mess of @ & medicine, I started looking for a better way. While I was in the ACE Hardware (which here is much more an import dept. store without clothes), I saw a "measuring cup". Many of you are saying "That's a jigger. You're telling us to use a jigger." Yeah, it works really well. My measuring jigger has milliliters, ounces, teaspoons, and tablespoons, all marked out. So depending on where @'s medicine is imported from I don't have to find the spoon with those markings. I can also mix the medicines (if there are more than one) so that @ doesn't have to stand there waiting for something he doesn't want. And when he's done, we put a little water in it to make sure we're getting all of the medicine out of the glass. He can hold it himself, so there's no tricky balancing act with a full spoon. The medicine jigger resides in the top drawer. I grab it up for all liquid measuring. Especially helpful for mixing salad dressing or lots of liquids for marinades. You can find them anywhere but before you buy check and make sure its got markings that are useful for you. If it is marketed for liquor it may just have ounces and millliliters which might not be as useful for your kid's medicine.
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