Thursday, April 23, 2009


@ is learning new words all of the time and he's trying them out to see how to use them. We've heard lots of these things over the last few months and most of them make us smile. He has a "collection" of blankets. "Apparently" choosing a book is "complicated".

This morning while helping him put on his school uniform he said "I hate you mom." To which I said "@, that means you don't love mommy. Do you love mommy?"

"I hate you mom." At which point I decided he could get dressed by himself.

About 20 minutes later a sobbing boy comes with his underpants on. "I'm sorry mom, my words were mean." And then I helped him get dressed.

On the way home from school today "I have a sensational stomach that's why I can't speak /local language/."

Today at lunch "I have nightmares when I spin around."

Just now "I need this picture here (holding picture of himself, being placed into the pantry) to know its a party today."
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