Sunday, June 14, 2009

jonathan keeps tapping his feet

I'm waiting for the day to start. I'm conscious of the fact that I haven't had this kind of quiet morning since @ was a little baby and I'd steal his sleeping in byblogging in our cool office. The office was cool in the morning and when the window was open the smell of the honeysuckle vein wrapped precariously around our steps would come in the window. This office has no honeysuckle smell but there is a promise of a container garden in the side yard once the wall construction is finished. And a litchi tree. We planted 4 litchi bits a week ago not thinking they would really grow. But alas there are starts in the pot. I checked wikipedia about litchi's. If we let them grow for a hundred years they will take over our neighborhood- the trees are absolutely huge! But I think we'll be safe through the term of our lease. Next I'm going to start coffee plants. I think I tried once in Africa but it didn't work out. Hope springs eternal, as does the litchi tree.

@ woke up. No idea what actually finally stirred him. But instead of talking in his bed waiting for us to come take him from his crib, he padded into the office with his "guys" - blankie, peno, whobbie, doggie, dory (a blue easter rabbit), and bunny. "I love you mom. Here's your guys" the guys become mine during the day. Now the boys are talking about fall in the US and the cold of snow and the possibility of making a campfire and the evil of forest fires...

so the day begins.
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